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For three weeks in the West Village, the #HealMeToo Festival will create an intersectional space for conversation, learning and laughter that sparks resilience and growth. In honor of sexual violence awareness month, let’s ask how we can heal.


Born in response to the news that the NY Fringe Festival would not take place in the summer of 2017, FRIDGE Fest is a multidisciplinary theater festival featuring show new works of all genres.

Polar Bear Plunges

The plunges are an interdisciplinary cabaret series where artists are encouraged to perform a piece that are risky for them, something they’ve always wanted to try but haven’t because of fear.

GoodCapp Arts

GoodCapp Arts is a theater school and production studio. The works of theater created through GoodCapp Arts tackle social justice issues such as rape culture, gender norms, toxic masculinity, commercial sexual trafficking, female genital mutilation, and much more. The plays have toured the country and have been produced across the world.